Thursday, December 20, 2018

GoFundMe: Border Wall

Some things just make you wonder about the people of this country. Today, more than three million dollars has been collected through a GoFundMe campaign (Fund the Border Wall).

Many may have already heard about this but it really gets to the backwardness of many of our country's people. If this were about a civic issue of paperwork and who has it, or even about the process of legal immigration, the furor which would compel individuals to collect $3 million in two days would not exist. This is about racism. Only hate filled racism can motivate people in this way, an expression of symbolic lynching. When there are children to feed, schools to fund, homeless to house, and veterans to care for, throwing money at a border wall funding site is the definition of shameful.

It begs the question, how many other racist and hateful ideas will now crop up on Go Fund Me style websites?

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