Friday, December 14, 2018

This is not OK: Seven Year Old Girl Dies Coming to the United States

A couple of days ago, a seven year old girl died from dehydration while coming to the United States with her father (Girl Dies).  

It is easy to say that child should not have been there.  It is easy to ask; what kind of parent would put their child in that situation?  What is less easy to understand is the inhumanity of the United States of America and its many Trump followers who believe the way to solve the colossal problem of the Americas is to close the door to it.     

For those lacking empathy, was this girl's death OK because her parents were not following the law?   Which law?  The law against being desperate enough to join a mass of 163 people to walk through the desert because your alternative is no alternative?  The law against being born in a country with no opportunity?  The law against being a poor person?

I am sure the Border Patrol did everything it could to save that little girl.  I am sure that little girl should not have been put into that situation.  What I reject is the sentiment that this is OK, that this family somehow got what was coming to it for seeking a means to exist.  

Desperate immigrants are not criminals, they have been criminalized by profit-seeking interests.  For U.S. government laws to promote the incarceration of children to benefit private and non-profit  industry is truly criminal (thinking of you Southwest Keys). This is what fascism looks like.   

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