Monday, November 05, 2018

Something’s Happening in Texas, by Adam Serwer, The ATLANTIC

I LOVE what's happening in Texas right now!

Excellent piece on the complicatedness of the Latinx vote in our state.  I agree with the Beto campaign that it's not that we're a red state, but a non-voting one.

Culpability may be found in the Republican Party's machinations that delimit the vote through gerrymandering, voter ID, and a lack of candidates that could potentially inspire the Latinx vote.

The democratic party is also to blame for a woeful lack of underinvestment in the Latinx community.

Folks are understandably antsy about this election.  I tell them that Beto has already won.  He has inspired our state and nation.  And for that there is every reason to feel optimistic about the future of our country.

Please go vote if you've not already done so.  Put it on your calendar this evening for tomorrow.

-Angela Valenzuela

Something’s Happening in Texas

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