Wednesday, September 09, 2015

¿Are Mexicans Native American?

Thought for today.  The average native ancestry for the average Mexican
Americans mestizo in Los Angeles is over 34 percent. With some variability,

the minimum blood quantum to be native in the U.S. is 25%—one-quarter native. 
If applying to Mexicans in Mexico, 80% of Mexicans are Native American.

So...NativeAmericans should not feel offended when they're mistaken for Mexican
American.  After all, Mexicans Americans ARE Native American genetically
even if they don't recognize this fully.



  1. Excellent point. I've been arguing for this view for the better part of my 45 years of activism. I am glad to see this case being made once again.

  2. You're welcome. Also, here's more stuff to chew on compliments of Dr. Ray Padilla: "According to the The Genographic Project of the National Geographic Society, the Mexican American reference population for the U.S. (Western) has the following genetic profile:

    Native American 34%
    Mediterranean 28
    Northern European 20
    Southwest Asian 8
    Subsaharan Africa 4
    Southeast Asian 2

    As you can see, the above distribution accounts for almost all of the DNA in the reference group."