Sunday, September 27, 2015

'Now is a Time for Theology to Thrive': The Black Lives Matter movement offers a challenge to the church and an opportunity

by Ryan Herring

'Now is a Time for Theology to Thrive'

The Black Lives Matter movement offers a challenge to the church--and an opportunity.
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I am a fan of Jim Wallis and Sojourners Magazine. Great recent piece on the Black Lives Matter movement and how it offers the church an opportunity to thrive and be relevant in the world, as opposed to silent and useless.  Here's a great quote from within:
Theology happens when we offer our bodies in solidarity with the oppressed, disrupting systems that perpetuate oppression.
-Jorge Juan Rodriguez V, Union Theological Seminary.

As with Black Lives Matter and all of our movements—together with Pope Francis' call for a new kind of theology—they inspire a new theology that thrives and lives in the world, one that is messy, involved, and radical.
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