Sunday, November 27, 2016

Amid Trump’s tough talk on NAFTA, Texans tout trade pact’s benefits By Sean Collins Walsh

I encourage you to read today's piece on NAFTA by Sean Collins Walsh in the Austin American-Statesman that dovetails well with the items I just posted on a post-work society. NAFTA will not only significantly impact Texas, but capitalism's unquenchable thirst for cheap labor probably means not that manufacturing jobs will return to the U.S. (where they would get automated anyway), but that other, more-distant, exploitable labor markets would be secured. 

Some argue for re-establishing tariffs on Mexican products but then this would likely lead Mexico to retaliate.  Noteworthy facts: 

 "In 2015, Texas companies exported $92 billion in goods to Mexican and imported $84 billion in goods from Mexico, according to the Census Bureau." 

Fossil fuels, including natural gas are by the far the largest exports.

What would help overall is if the "tweaking" of NAFTA that Mexican President Peña Nieto seems willing to do, results in a strengthening of labor laws so that folks aren't compelled to migrate due to low wages earned in NAFTA-related industries. This is a complex set of circumstances that require careful thought and consideration going forward.

Angela Valenzuela

Amid Trump’s tough talk on NAFTA, Texans tout trade pact’s benefits



About 4.9 million American jobs depend on trade with Mexico, including 382,000 in Texas.
NAFTA is unpopular in the Rust Belt, but has boosted the Texas economy.
President-elect Donald Trump has promised to change or withdraw from NAFTA. 

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