Friday, November 18, 2016

Dr. Emilio Zamora's Testimony before the Texas State Board of Education November 15, 2016

This testimony by University of Texas at Austin History Professor Dr. Emilio Zamora was delivered on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

So very proud of the work that Dr. Emilio Zamora and the other historians--a collective effort involving up to 26 historians--including Professors Trinidad Gonzales and Christopher Carmona and a team of graduate students at UT.  As you will be able to hear from Dr. Zamora's testimony, they labored extensively to build a formidable case against this text that disrespects us as Mexican Americans and in so doing, relegates us to a feared and suspect class.  Our community issued a resounding "No" to this screed.

It is sobering to think that this text could very easily slipped under the wire.  Thankfully, SBOE Member Rubén Cortez let everybody know.

Had this been the case, it  would have surely have done damage to our children of all races and ethnicities in our state's and nation's schools. That publisher, Cynthia Dunbar, even got this far is incredible.

A final vote was taken today with a UNANIMOUS 15-0 vote against the adoption of the text authored by Jaime Riddle and Valarie Angle titled, Mexican American Heritage

Hats off to great teamwork with the REST Coalition (, the NACCS Tejas Foco scholars, the Texas Freedom Network, MALDEF, our students, legislators, community and others in spirit for joining and leading along with our  to save the day.

Knowledge is power and speaking this truth to power is an awesome task and responsibility.

Now we look forward to a bill in the Texas state legislature that will require the Texas State Board of Education to offer an elective course, or courses, preferably in my view in Ethnic Studies.

 A big hug to Emilio, as well.  He had to put off his own book writing to focus on this one.

Today we celebrate! 💐🌹🌷😊

Angela Valenzuela




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