Thursday, September 06, 2018

Fascism Through Incrementalism: Immigrant Children to Remain Detained Indefinitely

“The Trump administration announced a new rule Thursday that would allow immigrant children with their parents to be held in detention indefinitely, upending a ban on indefinite detention that has been in place for 20 years.” (Trump wants to keep kids indefinitely)

How is this necessary?  Being in the country without documentation is not a federal crime, it is a civil issue. The entire detention industry is corporate profiteering that capitalizes on the desperation and suffering of immigrants and the steady flow of U.S. tax dollars.  

How is this any different from the treatment of Jews during the Nazi period? The answer is, in many ways it isn’t different.  It is the same in that a people are criminalized unjustly. It is the same in that the taxpayer pays for the detention and incarceration of men, women, and children for indefinite periods of time.  It is the same in that the private-prison industry profits from the labor of detained families.  It is the same in that people are housed against their will for contrived and arbitrary legalities that are trivial in nature.  It is the same in that those detained have no political voice to defend themselves.  It is the same in that the incarcerated are desperate for a better life from an economic and political system that restricts too many from participation.  It isn't different. 
The Trump administration’s new rule to detain children indefinitely rather tan release them along with their families is another profitable step for the industries that have created this loathsome industry.

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