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How Texas Law was Manipulated to Orchestrate the HISD Takeover

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Sharing here the timeline of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Takeover of HISD (2015-2023) authored by Houston Community Voices for Public Education (HCVPE), a group that has taken TEA and the installed Superintendent Mike Miles to task.

How did the HISD state takeover happen? Here you go. As you can see from the photo, HCVPE is a large community-based organization that is fighting the brave and noble fight against the de-democratization of public education. What's playing out in Houston is a travesty, a calculated harm by those that want to seed public displeasure to not only further the privatization agenda, but to also curb the political efficacy of a community, and in so doing, the franchise. Yes, the disenfranchisement of Black and Brown youth and their families and grassroots leaders.

If you see the slides, you'll note that this was a policy ambush, a manufactured, very much contrived "crisis." HCVPE need everybody's support, my friends.

-Angela Valenzuela

How Texas Law was Manipulated to Orchestrate the HISD Takeover

HoustonCVPE HoustonCVPE | July 18, 2023

Timeline of Changes since HISD State Takeover

Here's a 10-slide story that summarizes how Texas law and the Texas Education Code were used to take over Houston ISD, the largest school district in Texas. The state takeover of Houston ISD is not really about helping our schoolchildren at all. It is part of a broader attack on public education occurring across the country.

In Texas, the takeover has been orchestrated by the Republican-led Texas state government working hand in hand with individuals on both sides of the aisle. Their harmful reform agenda promotes using teacher and school accountability almost entirely based on high-stakes testing at the expense of our children, teachers and schools.

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