Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We just made history: Unanimous vote AGAINST by the Texas State Board of Education Wed. Nov. 16, 2016

We just made history.

The Texas State Board of Education  just voted AGAINST the racist textbook by Jaime Riddle & Valarie Angle. This is a major victory by our community. Now let's shift our focus on the Texas State Legislature and get an ethnic studies bill passed there. 

Organizing, coalitions, press conferences, rallys, research, petitions, hard work (peer review), testifying, and being a collective voice and knowing your stuff matters, my friends. 

For now, let's savor this victory!  

Sí se puede!  Yes, we can!

Angela Valenzuela

Here's the quote of the day today by the Texas Freedom Network:

Quote of the Day

"We work long and hard to obtain our doctorates. We put up with a lot of problems to be in a position now where we can speak with authority. When these people claim that they’re above our criticism, they’re challenging and questioning our authority … Is this racism or not? I don’t know, I can’t get in their heads. But I can tell you that I feel offended.”

– UT-Austin professor Emilio Zamora, on the deeply flawed Mexican-American studies textbook and how the text's authors have responded to critiques.



  1. Adelante! Gracias to all the educators and activists who fought the good fight!

  2. Things you would were already done now and need to be if were to move forward not backward, Texas State Legislature and get an ethnic studies bill passed.

  3. The battle continues.