Thursday, May 09, 2019

How Colleges Manage and Spend Their Money

This is a must-view, mini-documentary from my colleague, Dr. Tony Baez.  

This video is a very good exposure of Ivy League college endowments and how they are an instrument of social stratification...  
Ivy League colleges hold some $616 billion in endowments, and were the principal investors through their money managers in the economy and debt of Puerto Rico. They are now the primary sustainers of the Island’s colonial status, insisting that they be paid first while the Congressional Puerto Rico Financial Oversees Board (PROMESA) slashes schools and social services to shift the savings to pay Ivy League College investments.  
Close to 300 schools have been close in PR, and it’s public university just had to cut another a huge amount from its budget while raising tuition for the working class!  
This is huge! See the link!

This is an eye-opener. This excellent reporting pulls down the curtains on the university endowment process that has assumed a life of its own and how the rich get richer, as a consequence.

-Angela Valenzuela

College is expensive, but there is one place in higher education where there’s no shortage of money — endowments. There’s more than $616 billion worth of endowments assets in the U.S., and lawmakers are starting to question why tuition is still rising if some schools have so much money. Wealthy universities have a lot of purchasing power, and it draws the eyes of both investors and activists. Watch the video to learn how college endowments helped fuel the rise of wealth in higher education.

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