Monday, May 01, 2023

Texas lawmakers push for ethnic social studies courses in public schools | KVUE [Video]


Reach out to whoever represents you and ask them to pass House Bill 45, Rep. Christina Morales' Ethnic Studies bill.

We need to get back on track with this agenda on the passage of Ethnic Studies in schools. It makes schools more engaging for our youth when they get the chance to learn about diverse histories and cultures, including their own.

The research is replete with data, evidence, and examples of how Ethnic Studies contributes to all the positive outcomes we say we care about in schools. 

Why not do this? Isn't this what we want and need as a state? A more inclusive curriculum? We as an Ethnic Studies community of scholars and educators have certainly been calling for this. Thanks for Rep. Morales and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus and the Texas Black Legislative Caucus for leading on this.

Someday, Ethnic Studies will just be called a "good education."

-Angela Valenzuela

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