Thursday, November 01, 2012

Texas School Finance Resources

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Below is a listing of pertinent materials realting to the School Finance Cases currently being heard before the the Honorable John K. Dietz.  This blog will continue to provide updated information and links as the trial proceeds. 

Updates on the trial can also be followed via my personal Facebook page and Twitter @xicanasoul

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram— STAARS impact estimated in  millions 
San Antonio Express-News— Funding crisis to worsen
Longview News-Journal— Finance lawsuit will change system
Washington Post— Education key to earning power
Fort Worth Star-Telegram— Education could avert tax losses
San Antonio Express-News— Arguments start in school funding trial
San Antonio Express-News— Schools, state begin battle in court again

Longview News-Journal— Schools take state to court
Burnt Orange Report— School finance lawsuits get rolling
San Antonio Express-News— SCUC joins funding suit against state
Houston Chronicle— Budget cuts crowd classrooms
Austin American Statesman— State property values up slightly
Corsicana Daily Sun— CISD joins legal action
San Antonio Express-News— Edgewood joins new school finance suit
Amarillo Globe-News— Funding formula angers teachers
Austin Chronicle— School Lawsuits Multiply


Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA) Fair Funding Now Campaign
MALDEF calls first witness to the stand in Texas school finance case: Superintendent Antonio Limon

Equity Center Press Release School Finance Lawsuit Assigned to Judge Dietz  01/18/2012
Texas Education Agency Documents on School Finance

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