Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Political Roots of American Obesity

Cogent, powerful analysis of obesity in America as primarily driven by capitalism and the policies that support it in all arenas of human existence.  WE WORRY TO MUCH. CHRONIC WORRYING. EXCESSIVE HEAT IN THE BODY. PROLONGED INFLAMMATION CREATES DISEASE ESPECIALLY FOR POOR PEOPLE.  INFLAMMATION NATION. 

Important quotes from within:

"The typical American scurries around like a mouse on double espresso. The daily habits of so many Americans now include fast driving and tailgating, fast walking, rapid speech, rapid continuous working without breaks, multitasking, constant productivity during waking hours that includes paid and unpaid work, working impossibly long hours, and most important, going without sleep."

"The capitalist system must continually expand, because capitalists must relentlessly compete against each other for sales. Expansion is built into its genetic code. And yet the world of humans is finite. Just as in the late 1920s and throughout the 30s, the need for investors to make profit is outstripping the ability of the majority of people to pay for commodities, spiraling the human economy into a global economic contraction. The difference this time around is that the whole world of humans is dependent on the global economy and the things it produces.

Because supply far outpaces demand, the profit-taking by the investor class has to come from somewhere besides the failing markets. This has led to the "privatization of everything" so that profit can be squeezed from every cubic centimeter in, above, and below the earth's biosphere. The last three decades have also witnessed the stagnation of wages and benefits for working people, as well as the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity - from the have-nots, the working class and the entrepreneurial classes - to the haves, the billionaires, bankers and other powerful players. According to Mother Jones, since 1979, the productivity of American capitalism grew over 80 percent, while US wages grew around 12 percent."

Makes me think about our education system and all the stresses that we place on children and with this, this high level of obesity among our youth in so many of our schools. 


The Political Roots of American Obesity

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