Monday, May 27, 2013

Three Decades of Lies By David C. Berliner

THE MANUFACTURED CRISIS by Berliner and Biddle is a must-read.  Very prescient and on point regarding the agendas Hats off to David for continuing to fight the good fight.  Check out this analysis of a recently published screed by Joel Klein and Condoleezza Rice titled, "U. S. Education Reform and National Security."  Quote from within:

 "None of us is smart enough to know, but Klein/Rice, like the authors of A Nation at Risk, like to create devils. Be afraid! Be very afraid! Then, as part of the exorcism, these writers promote destroying the evil public schools, which then brings to us a new age of national success though vouchers, charters, tax credits, and online schooling. What a crock. "

Three Decades of Lies

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  1. Daniel5:32 PM

    On another note, I have to say I am surprised how easily SB 2 passed. I thought the provisions were so ridiculous there was no way it would happen for another few years.

    I bet most teachers don't even know what just happened.