Thursday, September 10, 2015

Academia Cuauhtli and the Eagle, by Valenzuela et al.

 I am very happy to share the latest issue of  Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) Voices in Urban Education journal titled, Beautiful Accents: Empowering and Supporting English Learners through School and Community Partnerships.  It focuses on the stories of strong community partnerships that have helped schools and districts empower and engage a broad range
of children often narrowly labeled as “English learners.” Recognizing that the heritage language and cultural background of English Language Learners are an asset will support their learning and development in culturally responsive ways that go far beyond language acquisition.

UT Professor Dr. Emilio Zamora, UT doctoral student, Brenda Rubio, and I have a piece in this special issue titled, "Academia Cuauhtli and the Eagle: Danza Mexica and the Epistemology of the Circle"  that is based on our fourth-grade, Academia Cuauhtli Saturday Academy with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) and City of Austin Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. 

Many thanks to AISR, especially Margaret Balch-Gonzalez and Ruth López for this opportunity to contribute and share our story.  We hope that it, as with the other issues, signals important directions for educational reform and transformation.


-Angela Valenzuela


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  1. Thanks for featuring VUE on your wonderful blog, Angela! We're very honored to include your article and pleased to be able to share the story of Academia Cuauhtli with our readers. The articles in this issue highlight the resilience and talent of children who have so much more to offer than the label "English learners" implies, along with the culturally responsive partnerships that do so much more than simply teach them English.

    1. The feeling is mutual. I so look forward to reading all of the contributions! And, of course, thrilled to get more exposure for our work here in Austin with Academia Cuauhtli!