Thursday, December 17, 2015

Valenzuela Receives Second Nomination for Distinguished International Prize

Thanks to Sybil Kaufman for writing this story about me and posting it on the front page of the UT College of Education website.  -Angela

Valenzuela Receives Second Nomination for Distinguished International Prize

Founded by John and Donnie Brock of Oklahoma, the Brock International Prize in Education receives distinguished nominations from experts around the world. This year marks the second consecutive nomination of Dr. Angela Valenzuela, professor of Educational Administration, and Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Education. Valenzuela’s innovations and big ideas, like her “subtractive schooling” theory of student identity and schooling, make her a thought-leader and ideal nominee for an award that honors meaningful change in how educators think and act. “I am deeply honored to have been nominated twice for this prestigious award,” said Valenzuela, who also serves as director of the University of Texas Center for Education Policy and of the National LatinoEducation Research and Policy Project (NLERAP). Her blog, Educational Equity, Politics and Policy in Texas, highlights issues like accountability, testing, college readiness, bilingual education, and immigration.
Valenzuela’s fellow nominees include theoretical physicist Walter Massey of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, education technology professor Sugata Mitra of Newcastle University in England, and research professor Cecilia Fierro of the Universidad Iberoamericana Leon in Mexico. Dr. Fierro is the 2016 Brock International Prize laureate and shares Valenzuela’s devotion to combating the marginalization of children in rural communities.
As a faculty member in the College of Education’s Educational Policy and Planning Program, Valenzuela continues to inspire change in a field that demands activism and leadership.  Since beginning her professorial career 25 years ago, she continues to advocate outside the classroom, testifying on legislative issues, delivering speeches and lectures across the world, and publishing a number of acclaimed books about Latino education in America.

Sibyl Kaufman
Communications Strategist

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