Saturday, February 25, 2023

How Democracy Can Win: The Right Way to Counter Autocracy by Samantha Power

The gist of this piece by Samantha Power in Foreign Affairs is in this quote: "We must break down the wall that separates democratic advocacy from economic development." Short of this, the rise of autocratic leaders and governments will stand in the policy gap. Such governments may improve living standards albeit at the expense of civil liberties and freedom, particularly "digital authoritarianism" comprised of surveillance and oppressive control over the populace, including what should be a free press and voting rights.

Power recommends forming coalitions that expand beyond the usual cast of characters and policy makers advocating for democracy while also showing through civil society that democracy delivers. 

Thoughtful piece by Powers. Democracy is indeed fragile, but winnable.

-Angela Valenzuela 

How Democracy Can Win

The Right Way to Counter Autocracy

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