Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Women graduate from AISD's ePromotoras program

What a great model for working with parents.


By: News 8 Austin Staff

It was graduation day of sorts at Houston Elementary in South Austin Sunday.

About 50 women became the first wave of what the Austin Independent School District calls "ePromotoras.�

The women have been learning a new curriculum that shows them how to teach their toddlers several essential skills before they even enter pre-kindergarten.

Martha Garcia with Bilingual Education for AISD said it's an effort by the school district to make sure the students don't fall behind.

"Being bilingual is an opportunity,� she said. �It's a good thing, and so what this tells us is we're going to have to have more parent involvement in the education of their kids which we all know is important and makes a huge difference for our children."

The new ePromotoras will also teach what they've learned to other women who, in the coming months, will go through the same process.

According to AISD, Texas currently leads the nation in the increase of children under the age of five, with the majority coming from Hispanic households.

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