Sunday, October 21, 2012

Expert: By supporting both parents and children together,...

Expert: By supporting both parents and children together,...

Interesting article in today's Statesman.  Wonder how folks will interpret this?  "In today’s labor market, workers need at least a year’s worth of college plus a degree or credential valued by employers in order to reach a tipping point in their earnings."  

A quick reaction is that the over-riding concern of this piece is on employment and  individual earnings.  If we were looking at promoting the power and influence of minorities and the poor in society, that's quite a different matter.  While improving access to good-paying jobs is a must, this intervention is not sufficient for a more equitable redistribution of status, privilege and power in society. 

I do appreciate though the two-generation approach. Increasing mothers' skills and earnings while their children are young is a very positive thing.  To this end, our cities, districts, and universities should, in my view, partner in and with these efforts to promote adult education.  Indeed, we should partner with Mexico to develop binational projects and programs that could accomplish this for our Spanish-dominant populations.


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