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Deeper Learning | American Institutes for Research

This is a very encouraging set of ideas and findings.  Definitely goes against our current penchant for curricula and instruction that is a mile wide and an inch deep. -Angela

Deeper Learning | American Institutes for Research

Deeper Learning

do today’s students really need to learn in order to succeed, not only
in the classroom but also later on in college, careers, and as engaged

Much of American education policy focuses on the need for students to
develop deeper content knowledge and an ability to apply their
knowledge and skills to tasks and situations inside and outside of
school. The Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science
Standards reflect this dual focus on academic learning and real-world

What is Deeper Learning?

Students working togetherThe
combination of (1) a deeper understanding of core academic content, (2)
the ability to apply that understanding to novel problems and
situations, and (3) the development of a range of competencies,
including people skills and self control, is called deeper learning.
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation—a leader in the national
initiative to promote deeper learning in schools—has defined deeper
learning as “a set of competencies students must master in order to
develop a keen understanding of academic content and apply their
knowledge to problems in the classroom and on the job.”

The Study of Deeper Learning: Opportunities and Outcomes,
funded by the Hewlett Foundation, aimed to determine whether students
who attended high schools with a mature and at least moderately well
implemented approach to promoting deeper learning actually experienced
greater deeper learning opportunities and outcomes than would likely
have been the case had they not attended these schools.

For more about deeper learning, see Does Deeper Learning Improve Student Outcomes? Results From the Study of Deeper Learning: Opportunities and Outcomes, as well as the reports below.

Related Projects

May 2014
is conducting a three-year study to examine the ways in which schools
provide opportunities for students to acquire complex knowledge and
deeper learning skills.

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