Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Valenzuela: Ethnic Studies Courses are Great Policy for Texas, Nation 4.25.17

Many thanks to the Rio Grande Guardian for publishing this piece that I had earlier posted on this blog.  The more exposure, the better.  

We all need to be talking about Ethnic Studies as it concerns what kind of future we would like to build and what kind of legacy we would like to leave for our children and grand children—indeed, for society, as a whole, for generations to come.

We might think of Ethnic Studies as part and parcel to a renewed commitment as individuals, parents, organizations, and communities, working in a spirit of partnership, to re-imagine public education as a public good to which we are all not only entitled in a democracy, but genuinely honored and privileged to be able to play a part, however large or small, in this unfolding narrative of the struggle for substantive curricular inclusion and respect.

Educate yourselves, my friends, on Ethnic Studies, beginning with a close reading of the research. You can find a couple of important studies linked to the blog.  

They help make the compelling case for why we need Ethnic Studies.


Angela Valenzuela

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