Wednesday, January 19, 2022

In just three months, 8 North Texas superintendents announce they are leaving, by Jay Wallis (WFAA)

Wow! This is major! Without a doubt, being a school leader in the current anti-equity and inclusion political climate in the throes of a seemingly never-ending pandemic has gotta' make this job one of the toughest jobs out there. 

Every case is also unique, to be sure. Sounds like this could be a good dissertation.

I'm nevertheless saddened to see these leaders who—when added up altogether—literally have hundreds of years of experience in education. This creates a gaping loss for the thousands of students in their care and to the state of Texas, as a whole. I kid you not. These are very big shoes to fill.

Lot's of teachers are leaving the profession, as well. 

I don't know about you, but when I read news like this, it all feels like a slow-moving train wreck. Children of what I term, the "COVID Generation," will definitely be impacted. What a crisis. Yet, as we know, with every crisis there's an opportunity out of which we can envision something grand and hopeful.

I think we should all thank these superintendents for their service and wish them the best. If you or your children are in an impacted school district, I encourage you to get involved and to do so in a good spirit, and with a good and positive intention. Our schools and districts are under way too much stress right now.

-Angela Valenzuela

In just three months, 8 North Texas superintendents announce they are leaving

In the span of just over three months, eight superintendents across North Texas have announced they will be resigning.

What's next for the second-biggest school district in North Texas now that Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner is leaving?

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