Sunday, January 09, 2011

Leave No Bubble Blank

Also check out another article previously posted to this blog titled, Rethinking Advanced Placement. Some important technical changes being made as we gear up for a national conversation on K-12 college readiness standards. Already occurring here in Texas, by the way.


Published: January 7, 2011

IF you don’t know the answer, guess.

Come May, the next sitting for Advanced Placement exams, the College Board is switching to right-only scoring: each correct answer counts; no deductions for wrong ones. By guessing, you have a 20 or 25 percent chance of getting it right, depending on the number of answer choices.

The new scoring mirrors other standardized tests, except the SAT. A wrong answer there comes with a 0.25-point deduction. The College Board, which owns both tests, is changing only A.P.

Psychometricians advised that right-only scoring would simplify year-to-year comparisons as new exams are phased in, according to Trevor Packer, vice president responsible for Advanced Placement.

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