Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Comprehensive Annual Report on Texas Public Schools

New Research Report from Texas Education Agencyþ

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is pleased to
announce the publication of the 2007 Comprehensive
Annual Report on Texas Public Schools (Publication No.
GE08 601 04). The Comprehensive Annual Report
describes the status of Texas public education, as
required by Texas Education Code §39.182. The report
contains an executive summary and 15 chapters on the
following topics: state performance on the academic
excellence indicators; student performance on the
state performance assessments and a study of the
correlation between course grades and state
assessments; students in alternative education
settings; performance of students at risk of dropping
out of school; student dropouts; grade-level retention
of students; district and campus performance in
meeting state accountability standards; status of the
curriculum; deregulation and waivers; school district
expenditures and staff hours used for direct
instructional activities; district reporting
requirements; TEA funds and expenditures; performance
of open-enrollment charters on the academic excellence
indicators, accountability measures, and student
performance, in comparison to the performance of
school districts; character education programs; and
student health and physical activity.

The report is available on the
TEA website.

Additional information about the report may be
obtained by contacting the Division of Accountability
Research at (512) 475-3523.

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