Friday, July 30, 2010

A budget cut that helps

Commentary by Dr. Stephen Krashen on cutback in days of schooling in CA schools.

These numbers should be readily available in every state. So testing companies profit from crises as long as they're seen at "the solution" to our education ills. We fund what we value do we not? And power relations are always connected to these decisions.


A budget cut that helps

Sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, July 19, 2010

The budget crisis is so bad that many California school districts are
planning to cut several days from the school year ("School year
shrinking as budget crisis grows," July 19). Nobody appears to have
considered a much more obvious way of saving money, one that will help
instead of hurt: Eliminating unnecessary tests.

**Let's start with the High School Exit Exam. **

**Analyst Jo Ann Behm has estimated that the Exit Exam cost California
about $600 million a year. So far, studies show that high school exit
exams do not result in higher employment, higher earnings, or improved
academic achievement. **

**Eliminating this useless exam would, by itself, take care of about
5% of the state's budget shortfall.**

**Stephen Krashen**

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