little over a month ago, 43 students from the third division
Chilpancingo Hornets soccer club were kidnapped from buses in Iguala,
Mexico after being shot at with machine guns. The Mexican government has
been making headlines since then, as citizens have been demanding
answers and the return of the students.

Over the course of the past month, authorities have discovered human
remains that they believe to belong to the students. According to CNN,
the students were mostly young men studying to become teachers at
Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa who were protesting unfair hiring
practices of teachers on Sept. 26 when they were rounded up by the
hitmen, taken to the mass grave site on a hill in Pueblo Viejo and killed.

bed of branches and tree trunks was made, on which the bodies of the
victims were laid and a flammable substance was used," Inaky Blanco, the
chief prosecutor of violence-plagued Guerrero state, said.
Now, authorities in Mexico have declared the 43 students to be dead, according to local media outlets.
Jesús Murillo Karam, from the Attorney General's Office, told the media
that the three suspects — Patricia Reyes, El Pato and Agustín García
Reyes — have admitted to killing the students.

What's more, the methods used to kill the students varied from
individual to individual. Some students were shot and then burned while
still alive, while others were were suffocated after being taken to a
dumpster. For some bodies, once the students were cremated, the
assassins reportedly dumped their remains in a local river.