Monday, November 27, 2017

Great News! TCU is offering Ethnic Studies for the First Time

Texas Christian University (TCU) is offering for the first time an ethnic studies course called, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES). The students now want it to be part of the required curriculum.  This is understandable in a world so conflicted by race and diversity in so many ways.  

It's nevertheless telling that a course like this gets attention from the press. This shows just how far behind we are in an area that is so vital to our well being as a country. 

I myself am currently teaching a course like this in my department titled, "Race and Ethnicity in the Schools"—and have been for years.  My students, many of them who are former teachers, invariably say, "Why am I just barely learning this?"  "This could have really helped me when I was a teacher."  

Insufficiently appreciated is how taking courses like these can make such a massive difference in students' lives—and as a consequence, in schools and society.  So happy for TCU!

Angela Valenzuela

TCU Major Forces Students to Face Racial 

Tensions Head-On

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