Monday, August 12, 2019

A history of anti-Hispanic bigotry in the United States by Marie Arana

Excellent piece in the Washington Post on a legacy of anti-Latino racism and bigotry.  Peruvian author, Marie Arana, gets to the heart of the matter with respect to the systemic blind spots and ignorance that help account for a long history of vexed U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Latin American relations together with the massive spillover effects in terms of the anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant violence that we are seeing in the  U.S. today,  including:

"...a stubborn unwillingness to understand a population whose ancestors were here by the millions — long before the first pilgrim set foot on Plymouth Rock."

This is a kind of piece that could work well in the newly state-approved high school course in Mexican American Studies.  Although MAS classes can and should incorporate Latin American history and perspectives given the clear overlap, this piece further suggests a need in our state curriculum for the specific study and teaching of Latin American history, geography, art, literature, and  politics.

Thanks to Dr. Tony Baez for sharing.  Read on. 

-Angela Valenzuela

A history of anti-Hispanic bigotry in the United States

This animus bubbles up frequently, with devastating results.

Migrants return to Mexico last week as 15 other migrants line up on their way to request asylum in the United Sates, at the foot of the Puerta Mexico bridge that crosses into Brownsville, Texas, from Matamoros, Mexico. (Emilio Espejel/AP)

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