Thursday, January 09, 2020

Join me in supporting Ruben Cortez for Texas Senate!

On the topic of Latino elected officials (see previous post to this blog), we can all actually do something that helps move the needle in exactly the direction that we need.  And who better than our beloved, personal friend, leader, and advocate, Ruben Cortez.  

To be sure, without Ruben's outstanding leadership on the Texas State Board of Education, we wouldn't have Ethnic Studies in the state of Texas. Mexican American, and African American, Studies are now official secondary electives.  Native American and Indigenous, as well as Asian American, Studies, will soon become official state education policy, as well.

Thanks, Ruben, for your outstanding leadership and for being such a warm, caring, and committed activist, as well as progressive politician, in general, to boot.  We need you in the Texas Senate!

Please consider making a contribution to his campaign here.

Sí se puede!  Yes we can!

-Angela Valenzuela


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