Thursday, April 08, 2021

Intellectual Powerhouses Unite to Support TX Ethnic Studies Bill as it goes to a Public Education Hearing

Friends and Colleagues:

Happy to share this press event organized and posted on Youtube by Librotraficante Tony Diaz last Monday that  focuses on Ethnic Studies Bill HB 1504 co-authored by Christina Morales (D-Houston) and Alma Allen (D-Houston). HB 1504 allows for African American and Mexican American Studies to count toward high school graduation—as well as Native American Studies and Asian American Studies once these get aligned to state standards. To take a look at the bill itself, check out my earlier post titled, Rep. Christina Morales files Ethnic Studies Bill 1504 that links Ethnic Studies to High School Graduation

Though on short notice, a few of us appearing in the photo did get the chance to testify last Tuesday, namely,Tony Diaz, Lucero Saldaña, Maria Unda, Alexzandra Roman, Ron Castro, and myself. Thanks to all who supplied written testimony.

If you wish, you can also listen to our testimonies here at 2:09-2:37. I think we did a great job if may say so myself.

The bill is currently pending in committee. We must apply pressure. Call and email house members telling them to vote in favor of this bill. Great job, everybody!

-Angela Valenzuela

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