Friday, March 23, 2018

Students walk out at Townview High School in Dallas

Students at Dallas' Eyonne Yewell Townview High School walked out of school today for 17 minutes to protest our protest lax gun regulation.  (Townview Walk-Out).  Often comments surrounding these kinds of student protests are critical and deride the students for leaving school.  Many times these complaints claim students should sit in school and learn something and not protest. I have to ask, what better way is there for a student to learn one of the most fundamental American rights, that of the right to assembly through this act of civil expression?

Students in today's schools are under a serious threat. No matter how these incidents of gun violence are counted (2018 School Gun Fire Incidents), students not only should be protesting, we all should be inundating our political leadership with appeals to keep our students safe.  The future and safety of our kids depends on it. 

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