Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Give the gift of voting by Laura Yeager with #TxEdVote

Voting is a right and a responsibility, just like activism and cultivating the skills of civic engagement in a democracy.  

It can also be a gift, as Laura Yeager with Texas Educators Vote, says.

-Angela Valenzuela

Give the gift of voting
                                     December 11, 2019

This time of year, people are searching for the perfect gift for those near and dear to them. Look no further. The gift of civic engagement is easy to share, will reap rewards for years to come, and will bring the giver deep satisfaction as well. Studies show that voting is good for your health, for the health of the community, and it doesn’t cost a thing. In a world that seems out of control, exercising your right to vote is an empowering experience. So, lead by example and show your friends, family, and coworkers how easy it is to be civically engaged. Schedule time together throughout the year to register (or check your voter registration status), research what will be on your ballot when it is close to election time, and then go to the polls and vote together. Plan it now and schedule a series of fun get-togethers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

To do:
1.     Register to vote.
2.     Invite your friends and family to register to vote.
3.     Like us on Facebook and Twitter for helpful voting articles and info.
4.     Sign up for election text reminders by texting TxEdVote to 40649.
5.     Bookmark the Texas Educators Vote website for all the above info!  

Social Media Posts to share:
“Give the gift of civic engagement. Lead by example!” #txed #txlege #vote #TxEdVote
“Schedule time with loved ones to register, research, and vote.” #txed #txlege #vote #TxEdVote

Thank you,

Laura Yeager
Texas Educators Vote
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