Sunday, February 21, 2021

***Academia Cuauhtli Winter Storm Emergency Fundraiser***

As mentioned in yesterday's post, he past few days on the heels of Texas' winter storm, our Academia Cuauhtli (AC) program coordinators, Itzel Garcia and Alejandro Quiahuihtl Martinez, have been calling our AC families representing the 40 students that we serve to see how they are doing. The majority are working class immigrant students living in East Austin who bore the brunt of this storm with few resources.

Specifically, several of our parents have mentioned that they have limited supplies of food and water. Additionally, a large portion of them have mentioned that due to inclement weather, they have not been able to work, such that they are struggling to pay their upcoming rent. 

Thanks to many of you who made donations over the holidays, we were able to donate the $2,500.00 we raised to our families in $50.00 amounts. Today, we ask for additional help so that we can address this big crisis situation they are currently in. 

It is my understanding rent is roughly $500 per month, per family, and possibly more. Today, we are reaching out to donate funds for our families. Thanks to Education Policy and Planning doctoral student, Maria Unda and Texas State University undergraduate, Monica Villafuerte who moved on this right away, we have already raised over $2,000.00, as we have a list of 13 families that are in need of immediate assistance.  

Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward helping among the most marginal families in our Austin community. 

Thank you! Gracias!

-Angela Valenzuela

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