Sunday, February 14, 2021

Events and News on the Fight Against High-Stakes Testing and for Fair, Valid, and Meaningful Assessment


Happy to share these resources, including FairTest's list below on states requesting waivers from federal testing requirements this spring. 

Stay warm.

-Angela Valenzuela

A Seat at the Table With Education Week: Testing & Accountability, featuring Dr. Lorrie A. Shepard and Dr. Angela Valenzuela You can listen to the program here: TEMPLATE: Editorial Webinar.

Jan. 26, 2021—FairTest Town Hall on Why and How to Suspend High-Stakes Testing:

Jan. 27, 2021—You can hear Commissioner Morath defend his position before Ruben Cortez here:

Feb. 11, 2021--STAAR Town Hall this Friday, featuring Rep. Alma Allen, Dr. Walter Stroup, Dr. Theresa Trevino and Rep. Van Deaver

Texas representatives request formal opt-out process for in-person STAAR test

Feb. 16, 2021--TLEEC Town Hall on Assessment  Members and friends of the Texas Legislative Education Equity Coalition are holding a series of three community conversations about how we can work together to strengthen public education, particularly for students of color. Part 2 will focus on meaningful assessment and fair accountability and on preparing all students for college readiness

Friday, March 5, 2021, 12:00 noon—TCEP Brown Bag on High-Stakes Testing and Accountability with Rep. Mary Gonzalez and Dr. Theresa Treviño. [Zoom link, TBA]

States Requesting Waivers from Federal Testing Requirements

-- as of February 13, 2021

Georgia  Applied under Sec. DeVos and rejected -- re-application awaiting confirmation of new Education Secretary

Illinois State Will Advocate for Spring 2021 Testing Waiver

District Applauds State Pursuit of Federal Testing Waiver

Michigan State Asks Feds to Waive Annual Exam Mandate

Montana Board of Education Unanimously Supports Federal Test Waiver Request

New Mexico
 Public Education Department Seeks Testing Waiver: High-Stakes Test Data Would Be Invalid in Pandemic

New York State Will Seek Federal Testing Waiver Because Exams Cannot Be Administered Safely, Equitably and Fairly

South Carolina Superintendent Supports Federal Test Waiver Request 

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