Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Such an honor to get recognized this past weekend by Texas NAACP President Gary Bledsoe at the State Convention

I'm still savoring the beautiful, heartfelt recognition I received this past weekend at the Texas NAACP Convention from Texas NAACP President Gary Bledsoe. Gary and I and my students and his staff worked together for years on important issues in the Texas State Legislature. I look forward to rekindling this work as we proceed forward in anticipation of the 88th (2023) session of the Texas State Legislature. A big shout-out to Yannis Banks with whom my students and I worked closely for many legislative sessions.

Here is the actual message on the award:
"For setting a tremendous example as a teacher and scholar, growing tremendous future Latino and African-American Leaders in education and being an asset to Brown and Black communities in many areas of important advocacy in education.”

A big thanks to Gary Bledsoe and Alberta Phillips-Bledsoe for their generosity and hospitality at the state convention this weekend. I am deeply touched.

The BIG message at this convention is that we all need to get out and vote, lest extremists revive Jim Crow in its many manifestations. Encouraging words expressed, as well, regarding the historic and vital partnership between LULAC and the NAACP. 

More to come, my friends, on the importance of Black Brown Dialogues on Policy (BBDP), a project that Gary, myself, and others are currently working on as co-founders. A special shout out to BBDP co-founder, Colette Phillips, as well, for joining us on Saturday and for supporting this important work. She is on the site committee for what will be a fully in-person NAACP National Convention that takes place in Boston in 2023.

-Angela Valenzuela


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  1. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Congratulations to Dr. Valenzuela on this well deserved honor as an outstanding educator, social justice advocate, bridge builder, and change catalyst.