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Call for Papers: National Association for Chicana/Chicano Studies: Tejas Foco Conference March 23-25 UTRGV Brownsville

Call for Papers!!!




National Association for Chicana/Chicano Studies: Tejas Foco Conference


March 23-25, 2023

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Brownsville, Texas


Conference Theme:

Confronting/Resisting the Colonizer Within: A History of Violence, Discrimination/Oppression and Shame”



The NACCS-Tejas Foco Conference invites scholarly/creative submissions which address internalized colonialism/oppression/racism/colorism, as well as within our Chicanx/Latinx communities. We call for a confrontation/resistance to colonialist indoctrination, such as the legacy of racism, colorism and discrimination which are maintained by settler colonialism within our own Chicanx/Latinx communities. In order to truly decolonize our communities, we must face the enemy within and embrace our indigeneity. We must begin with deconstructing the historical structures such as the Spanish caste system which continues to marginalize/subjugate BIPOC. We encourage submissions that address the following topics, and welcome proposals that address the Tejanx experience in general.


History and legacy of the caste system in Latinx culture

Racism/Colorism within Latinx culture  

Anti-indigeneity, Anti-blackness, Anti-immigrant narratives within the Latinx community

Colonialism, Settler colonialism, Land/water/sacred sites, land theft/dispossession, Environmental racism/justice 

Internalized colonialism/racism, intergenerational trauma, abuse/violence within the Latinx community

Reclaiming/retracing our indigeneity and African roots, Nepantla

Identity/body politics, politics of labels, politics of language indoctrination

Indigenous erasure, detribalization, imperialist policies of blood quantums

Indigenous children and boarding schools/missions

Politics of Mestizaje, myth of the Raza Cosmica, “mejorar la raza” narratives 

Mestiza consciousness, double-consciousness, subjection/agency

“Vendidos”/sell-outs, complicity of BIPOC with white male heteropatriarchal narratives of supremacy

Catholicism and colonialism, criminalization of indigenous religions and spirituality

Religion and identity/gender roles/oppression, forced Christianization/indoctrination

History of resistance, Mexican Revolution, Adelitas

LGBTQ+ and colonialism/heteropatriarchal structures/settler colonialism

Lack of Indigenous and Black representation in Latinx media and Hollywood

Indigenous rights, Immigrant rights, Afro Latinos/Indigenous rights

Racial Justice, criminal justice and social control, criminalization of BIPOC, immigration policies & rhetoric

Latinx elites and anti-indigeneity/blackness, white Latinx, white Mexicans/Whitexicans, Fresa culture, MAGA Latinx

European beauty standards and their effects on BIPOC

Transformative pedagogies, decolonial pedagogies, anti-racist education  

Empowerment and activism, teaching/empowering the youth

Intersectionality/matrix of domination, gender roles and racism/colorism, colonialism and misogyny



Deadline for CFP: January 15, 2023

Please submit proposals for panels, roundtables, and/or individual presentations to the Tejas Foco Conference Organizers: or 

In your email, please include the following: 

Name & Affiliation (Independent Scholar, College/University, Agency/Organization)

Individual submission – include a 200-300 word abstract, along with key terms

Panel proposal (3 to 4 participants) – include a brief description of the panel, list the Presenters, along with the Title of their paper and a 200-word abstract for each presenter  

Roundtable proposal (3 to 4 participants) – provide a 400-500 word proposal, include a Chair for the roundtable, and the Names and Affiliations of the each of the participants


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