Tuesday, May 22, 2018

America's Future Summit: Unlocking Potential, Advancing Prosperity


I attended this powerful summit by the Latino Aspen Institute last week in Chicago.  

A lot of important information and perspectives were shared.  I encourage you to take some time out to listen to the different presentations focused on such topics as Latina/o entrepreneurship, wealth creation, wealth gap, community empowerment, philanthropy, and policy.

Check out more pertinent links below from CEO Abigail Golden-Vasquez, Executive Director of the Latinos and Society Program at the Aspen Institute.  Thanks, as well, to Martin Cabrera CEO and Founder of Cabrera Capital Markets (CCM), for the invitation.  Thanks to Dr. Barbara Flores, too, who allowed me to accompany her on this amazing experience.


Angela Valenzuela

Dear Angela,

We want to thank you so very much for attending the America’s Future Summit: Unlocking Potential, Advancing Prosperity. We hope that the event offered a great opportunity for building networks and catalyzing potential collaborations. The conversations throughout the day aimed to deepen the national discourse on economic mobility, add nuance and richness to the discussion, and activate inspired leaders to expand opportunities for Latinos and all Americans.
The summit brought the Aspen Institute to Chicago for conversations on Latino economic advancement to some 200 participants of diverse sectors, ages, expertise and backgrounds, including yourself. With over 26 speakers in eight different sessions, the summit contributed to elevating a wide spectrum of voices on unlocking potential and advancing prosperity. The conversations in the room were taken online where #FutureofLatinos trended locally. We encourage you to share the full video of the summit here with your networks.
As we continue to focus on impact and outreach, we invite you to follow us on Twitter and visit our website for updates on our work. A white paper will be disseminated in the coming months with recommendations for expanding Latino economic mobility based on working group discussions.
Finally, if you haven’t done so already, please complete the survey for the event.
Thank you again for joining us. We hope to see you at another event soon!
Best Wishes,

The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program

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