Thursday, May 24, 2018

TODAY: Texas House Committee on Public Education Committee Hearing on Special Education and High-Stakes Testing

Here at House Committee on Public Education committee hearing at the Texas State Capitol on special education and high-stakes testing, signed up to testify on testing and test-based accountability in E2.028, the annex of the Texas State Capitol.

Mind-numbing, objectifying, standardized testing in the form of Betty Jenkins' and Blaine Helwig's test-focused drill and kill curriculum, THE NEW 3 RS, got a black eye this week at the AISD school board meeting on Monday night.

You may also view this remotely right now at this link.

You may view the May 21, 2018 AISD school board meeting hearing here.

Hopefully, some of this sentiment will get communicated by our community today.

Do come and join us if you get a chance!

Angela Valenzuela and Greg Pulte

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