Monday, May 24, 2021

Texas' Ethnic Studies House Bill 1504 Cleared the Senate Education Committee today!

Exciting News! Texas' Ethnic Studies HB 1504 Bill cleared the Texas Senate Education Committee on this day of May 24, 2021 with a 6 to 3 vote, no amendments (see record vote information below). At this moment, HB1504 awaits a hearing by the full Senate. You can get more detail from this earlier post.   Let's all reach out to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's Office (512-463-0001) and let him know we want Rep. Christina Morales' bill to get a hearing on the Senate Floor.

In a legislative session that has been rife with controversy, my friends, we have prevailed thus far. Why? The reasons are great leadership, research base, advocacy, perseverance, excellent strategy, and unity combined with truly excellent policy formulation (read: The Joy in Great Policy: Rep. Christina Morales' House Bill 1504's Call for "Texas-Sized History").

Let's make this dream of Ethnic Studies courses—that were already approved back in 2018 by the Texas State Board of Education—to count toward high school graduation in the state of Texas.

Sí se puede! Yes we can!

-Angela Valenzuela



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